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Authentication: User accounts such as UMIACS accounts, and collaborator accounts, how to request an account, and how to reset account password. Operating Systems Support: List of operating systems supported at UMIACS. Email: Email offering at UMIACS and configuring the spam filter.
Mailing Lists: Mail aliases and Mailman mailing list. Printing: Printing guide for different operating systems and locations of UMIACS public printers. Backups: Instruction on how to backup personal devices using Google Drive.
Network Attached Storage: NFS home directories and project directories. Local Data Storage: Data storage options such as local scratch, network scratch, nfshomes, etc. Web Services: UMIACS web hosting services, i.e. hosting a personal website.
UMIACS Object Store: Get started on UMIACS Object Store; learn about buckets, keys, and how to access the object store. Revision Control (Git): Brief intro to GitLab and Subversion (Legacy). Programming Languages: List of commonly used programming languages at UMIACS by the faculty and students.
High Performance Computing: Information regarding different clusters such as Nexus, CML, Vulcan, etc. and the SLURM Scheduler. Virtual Private Networking: How to install and configure pulseSecure VPN. Storage Device Destruction: Make a request to securely destroy data.