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You can easily choose which folders should be backed up from within the inSync client.
The procedure may differ slightly between client versions, and you may want to consult the inSync client User Guide, but should be similar to the following.

Windows - Configure     Windows - Advanced Configure     Windows - Add Folder


Open the inSync client

  • To Add a Folder: Click on "Configure" > "Advanced Configure" > "Add Folder" > "Choose path" and select the folders you wish to backup.
  • To Remove a Folder: TBD


Open the inSync client and you'll be presented with a list of backup folders.

  • Choose the Add button to add folders to be backed up.
  • Non-mandated folders may be removed by clicking the cog icon to the right of the entry and choosing the Delete Backup Folder Button.

We have two available profile types to choose from: Default and Power User. Both profiles have a hard quota of 250GB. If you reach this quota, additional files will not be backed up. + −

  • Default requires the following folders to be backed up:

+ −

    • Windows: My Documents, Desktop, System and App Settings, Favorites, Pictures, Office Templates

+ −

    • macOS: Documents, Desktop, Favorites, Pictures

+ −

  • Power User requires no folders to be backed up, with the one exception of System and App Settings on Windows only. All customization is left to you.

+ −