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[[SettingUpOutlook2007/2010withExchange|Setting Up Outlook 2007/2010 with Exchange]]
[[SettingUpOutlook2007/2010withExchange|Setting Up Outlook 2007/2010 with Exchange]]
[[SettingUpOutlook2003withExchange|Setting Up Outlook 2003 with Exchange]]
[[SettingupiPhoneAccesstoExchange|Setting Up iPhone Access with Exchange]]
[[SettingupiPhoneAccesstoExchange|Setting Up iPhone Access with Exchange]]

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Depending on the environment you'll be working in, you have two primary choices for mail. You can decide on our PC based solution Microsoft Exchange or a IMAP Email solution. Both provide scanning for Virus and Spam through our Barracuda Spam Firewall

Alternatively if you already have a Email provider you like we offer the ability to forward your Email.

You can update your Email preference through our Directory Profile Tool.

Microsoft Exchange Email

If you are accustomed with Microsoft Outlook and/or need a shared calendar then we offer the UMIACS Exchange service. If you work primarily on a PC, collaborate with primarily PC-based users, expect to email MIME attachments or just feel most comfortable with a PC based mail solution, the exchange mailserver is likely the best solution for you. Among other things, it also supports IMAP, vacation (auto-response) and virus filtering capabilities.

Setting Up Outlook 2007/2010 with Exchange

Setting Up iPhone Access with Exchange

Setting Up Thunderbird with Exchange

Setting Up Evolution

Working with Outlook

The link for the Exchange web interface is https://exchange.umiacs.umd.edu/owa. It is also on the front page of our intranet site (https://intranet.umiacs.umd.edu). Please note that the web interface works best in IE.

IMAP Email

Our IMAP service is available as a simple multi-platform way of reading your mail. It provides powerful server-side mail filtering and vacation support. You can configure you own IMAP client (see below for a list of supported clients) or use our Webmail server to read your email.

Support Matrix

Pine Mutt Thunderbird Evolution Mail.app Outlook/Exchange
Windows 7 Yes(1) Yes Yes
RHEL 5 Yes Yes Yes Yes(2)
RHEL 6 Yes (4) Yes (5) Yes Yes(2)
RHEL 7 Yes Yes Yes(6) Yes(2)
Ubuntu 12.04 Yes (4) Yes Yes Yes(2)
Ubuntu 14.04 Yes (4) Yes Yes Yes(2)
Mac OS X Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes(3)
  1. - We support pine on Windows through PC Pine
  2. - Microsoft Exchange support is only available through the Outlook Web Access which is severely limited on non-IE browsers.
  3. - Microsoft Exchange support for Mail/Contacts/Calendar requires Mac OS X 10.8 or later.
  4. - On later RHEL or Ubuntu hosts, pine is no longer supported, and has been replaced by alpine.
  5. - On RHEL 6 hosts, Mutt is no longer installed by default. Please contact staff for install if you need this on a host.
  6. - On RHEL 7 hosts, Thunderbird is no longer supported and has been replaced by Evolution.