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This page outlines the E-mail options available at UMIACS and provides links to getting various clients connected.

UMIACS E-mail Offerings

A UMIACS account includes a e-mail address. There are 2 possible options for where that mail can be sent:

Redirect any mail sent to your address to an external e-mail provider. (e.g. gmail, yahoo, etc)
Please note that all UMIACS email will be required to be sent to UMD-hosted mailboxes in the near future. You may want to preemptively set your forwarding preference to be your address.
Exclamation-point.png You can update your E-mail preference through our Directory Profile Tool.

How do I know which E-mail service I have?

You can verify and change your current E-mail preferences through our Directory Profile Tool.

Spam Firewalls

UMIACS has deployed spam firewalls into our mail infrastructure to provide additional virus and spam filtering capabilities.
For more information and to learn how to interact with your spam quarantine, please see the Spam firewall page.

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