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RoundCube allows users to sort email, forward it, and create vacation messages.

Start by logging into the Webmail interface.



From here you will need to log in.

RoundCube Login.png

Once you log in, you will need to find the "Settings" button in the upper right-hand corner.

RoundCube Settings.png

Viewing Filters

You will then need to locate the "Filters" button and select as seen here:

RoundCube Filters.png

Filter Sets

Your default filter set should be "roundcube." A filter set is simply a way to group filters. Note that only one filter can be active at any given time. Should you choose to create additional filter sets, only the rules in the active one will be evaluated. Most people will opt not to create additional filter sets, but there are many legitimate use cases for having multiple.


To the right of filter sets, there are any filters you have created. Order can matter in your filters; those appearing earlier in the filter list will be evaluated first. To reorder you filters, click and drag on the name of the filter.

Creating/Modifying Filters

To create or modify a rule, you can click the + Icon or select the rule. You need to first give the rule a name or update it.

RoundCube Spam Filter Name.png

Next you need to select one or more conditions that you want to match on. The first choice is whether you want Sieve to match AND (match all the rules), OR (match any of the rules) or ALL (match every message). Then you can supply one or more conditions. The first drop-down gives you an option of what field in the header you want to match on; this table explains further what they are:

  • Subject
  • From
  • To
  • Copy - Cc: field
  • [X-Barracuda-Spam-Flag] - Special field that our BarracudaSpamFirewall inserts; match to YES to filter out what has been classified as Spam by the Barracudas.
  • Size - Specify the size of a message to be matched.
  • [...] - User-defined header can be entered and then matched.

RoundCube Spam Filter Incoming.png

Now you must specify an action to take when the above condition(s) are met. You can have multiple actions taken if you wish.

  • Move message to - This will move a message to an already-created folder. If you need to create a folder first create it in the Folders tab.
  • Copy message to - Make a copy of a message in a folder of your choosing.
  • Redirect message to - Requires an email address that the message will be sent to.
  • Send message copy to - Send a copy of the message to the specified recipient.
  • Discard with message - You can just discard the email but reply to the user with a message. Please be careful with this as you can get into a auto-responder war
  • Reply with message - This is the vacation action. You can learn more about it below.
  • Delete message - Just delete the message
  • Set flags to the message - Apply flags to the message (*Read, Answered, Flagged, Deleted, Draft)
  • Add flags to the message - This is the same as above, but if a flag had been applied the the message previously, the absence of one here will not overwrite the earlier flag.
  • remove flags from the message - Remove flags from the message (*Read, Answered, Flagged, Deleted, Draft)
  • Send notification - Send a message to an email of your choosing.
  • Keep message in Inbox - This is a way to route an incoming message to the Inbox if an earlier rule potentially routed it elsewhere.
  • Stop evaluating rules - No further rules will be consulted.

RoundCube Spam Filter Action.png

When either updating or creating rules you must make sure you click the "Save" button before you leave the pane. Otherwise, you will lose whatever changes or additions you have made.

RoundCube Spam Filter Save.png

Deleting Filters

To delete a filter, highlight it in the window pane and then click the icon with the gear on it. You will be prompted for confirmation. You can also disable a rule to stop it from being evaluated.

Vacation Filters

To create a vacation filter, click the + button to create a rule and enter a name for your filter.

  • ... for incoming mail:
    • Select what messages you want the rule applied to. Normally this would be all messages but you can set something that is more specific.
  • ...execute the following actions:
    • Select the "Reply with message" option from the drop-down menu and type in a subject and a message body.
    • Please note that you have to put your UMIACS email address in the Additional list of recipients for the vacation messages to be sent correctly
    • You will also want to set some mimimum time in days that you will reply to the same person so you don't flood them with vacation mails. 1-7 days can be appropriate here.

Please remember to click the Save button.

RoundCube Vacation.png

Please note that when you get back from vacation you will have to log back in and either delete or disable the vacation rule. To disable the rule, select it and check the checkbox that says "Filter disabled." Then, click "Save." Alternatively, you might have the vacation filter in its own vacation filter set, in which case a different filter could be selected to disable your vacation message.