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UMIACS has wound down its Exchange and IMAP mailbox Email services as of June 30th 2020 to comply with the UMD Institutional Email standard.


The Division of IT handled the migration for some individuals that previously forwarded their UMD mail to their UMIACS mailbox. We sent an email to all users that were covered by this on May 1st 2020 with the subject line "UMIACS Email Migration".

If you received this email

Your UMIACS email has begun forwarding to your UMD mailbox as of 9am on May 26th 2020. Check new email at your UMD Gmail mailbox.

If you did not receive this email

Your UMIACS email has begun forwarding to the either the email address you updated it to, if you updated it yourself, or the last known email address we had on record for you if you did not, as of 9am on June 2nd 2020.


How do I login to the UMD Gmail system?

You can access your email through a browser by visiting and signing in with your email address.

If you already have a personal Gmail/Google account logged in, you may need to add a new Google account for your account. You can find out how to do this by reading Google documentation on this topic. The article also provides information on how to switch accounts.

How do I set up my mobile device (Android or iOS) to access the UMD Gmail system?

You can set up your Android or iOS mobile device to access your UMD Gmail mailbox by using the operating system's built-in mail app.

What was the timeline for these migrations?

We notified everyone about the timeline for these migrations on May 1st 2020. We only instructed DivIT to migrate your mailbox if you notified UMIACS Technical Staff before May 26th 2020 at 9am that you wanted your mailbox migrated to the UMD Gmail system.

Migrations begun on May 26th 2020 at 9am.

What happened during my migration if I was handled by the Division of IT?

  • On May 26th 2020 we modified your email forward in UMIACS to be your (UMD Gmail) address at 9am. We then notified you at your address (which arrived up in your mailbox) that the forward was updated.
  • If you chose to migrate your mailbox, we made a mail archive of your mailbox.
  • We then notified DivIT that your forward was updated. DivIT then started the import of your mailbox if provided. This process of importing your existing mailbox may take some time and may still be ongoing. We will notify you when it is complete.

What folders were NOT migrated if I chose for my current email to be migrated to UMD Gmail?

The folders listed below were not migrated. They will, however, be stored in the archive we perform.

  • Exchange: Deleted Items and Junk E-Mail
  • IMAP: Deleted Messages, Junk, and Trash

Can I use my current desktop client to read email with UMD Gmail?

The Division of IT only explicitly supports the web based offering, though they provide steps for getting connected with Outlook and Thunderbird.

Is there any training for UMD Gmail?

UMD provides access to a LinkedIn Learning course on Gmail essentials. Details can be found here.

What will happen to my email stored at UMIACS after June 30th 2020?

We have archived all user mailboxes into our long term archives. You may request a copy of your email at any time and we will provide it in an archive format that you may import into a local mail client for offline use.

Archives will be provided in the format that they were archived in. The formats will be PST for Exchange users and MBOX for IMAP users.

Can people still send email to my address?

Yes. Any email to will be forwarded to your UMD Gmail address.

Can I still send email as my address from UMD Gmail?

Yes. You need to set up your address as a mail alias on your UMD mailbox by following Google's documentation. Our SMTP server is

What if I forward my email to another service? Will I be impacted?

Users with accounts in UMIACS that were identified as having an appointment at the University of Maryland are required to have their UMIACS Email forward point to their email address. Users without an appointment at the University of Maryland are required to forward their email to an address of their choosing.

What about any mailing lists or mail aliases in UMIACS?

Mailing lists and mail aliases will continue to operate as they do currently in UMIACS.