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Getting an Account

To get started with a UMIACS account, fill out the form at This will establish your email account, web site, and ftp site. It will also establish an account on the UMIACS Open Lab.

To get access to additional facilities, like our clusters or our Windows-based Workstations

Logging into your Open Lab Account

You may log into your Open Lab account by using the Secure Shell (ssh) to connect to You may access your files on the UNIX Openlab systems by using a secure file transfer protocol (sftp) client from any remote host. Ssh and sftp typically available on most modern UNIX systems, and version for Windows and MacOSX are available to members of the UMIACS community. An online java-based client that is suitable for use with most web browsers is available online at

Managing your Account

You should change your password using the `passwd` command, and you can manage your account information through the web form at

Printing and Copying

You can print to any UMIACS printer using the line printer daemon commands. Publicly accessible printers are available in AVW 3142, AVW 4462, and BSB XXXX. Copiers are available in AVW 2126 and AVW 44XX.


The openlab provides a variety of software for administrative and scientific computing. Operating system