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UMIACS Account Introduction

UMIACS maintains several different systems and facilities. The basic UMIACS account is called your OpenLab Account, which includes access to facilities including:

Your OpenLab account actually consists of two accounts, a Unix Account and Windows (also called your PC) Account. You will use either of these two accounts to access different institute resources, and when you join or are affiliated with different labs, these accounts will be granted access to more lab specific resources.

The goal of the OpenLab is to provide a basic computing environment for communications, authoring, file sharing, and general administrative computing. Use of facilities are subject to the OpenLab's Acceptable Use Policy.

Getting An Account

If you do not already have an account, you will need to fill out the account request form located at Please note that for the PI field you will be entering your PI/Professor/Sponsor's account name here at UMIACS. Also indicate any labs you are a member of in the notes field to speed up access to your lab's resources.

Once the form is submitted, it will return to you your initial password for your accounts, please keep it. If you forget your password, you can always come to the UMIACS Helpdesk in 3142 AVW with a photo ID to reset it. Accounts can take anywhere from a few hours to a day for installation, depending on how quickly your PI approves your account.

Logging into your Account

Once your account has been installed, you can use ssh to login to You can also login to other OpenLab hosts or any machines located in the OpenLab workstation room 4462 AVW. You will also have login access to most department windows machines as well.

Account Maintenance

There are a few web applications for managing your account:

Where's my data?

Your unix home directory is accessible from most machines in /nfshomes/<username> You may have different home directories in different locations while using specific labs' machines. Your local data processing is different depending on the operating system of your desktop, please see:

Your web space and FTP space are in different locations. and your lab may have data stored in the subversion repository as well. If you need to access your data remotely, we recommend using SFTP.


Explore the rest of the wiki - if you have any problems or questions, you can contact the technical staff at

Or at the UMIACS Helpdesk

A.V. Williams room 3142 Hours: 9-12:30 1:30-5