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GitLab is source code collaboration software based on Git source control management. It allows users to create their own repositories and share them with other users/groups or publicly. It supports built-in project wikis, code review, and issue tracking for each project. A full list of features can be found on the GitLab website.

All code is hosted on-site on UMIACS servers and is backed up nightly. We give all UMIACS users 5 projects with a soft limit of 400Mb per project. Projects that you create inside of a group namespace still count towards your project limit. UMIACS Staff can help create Lab groups (called namespaces) and delegate authority to manage the group to one or more faculty members. Permissions are assigned within GitLab. The UMIACS AR system is not used with GitLab.

To get started, navigate to the following URL in your browser and enter your UMIACS Krb5 credentials in the LDAP tab:

GitLab Offsite Collaborators

Any UMIACS user can now create an unlimited number of offsite collaborator accounts for our Security Groups, GitLab and Object Store. These accounts can not create repositories or groups, but may be given access to your repositories or groups. You can find this utility in our Requests application under UMIACS Collaborators.

User Documentation

GitLab provides user documentation that can be accessed at Note: you will need to log in to view this page.

Some of the most useful sections include: