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Conference rooms are scheduled with UMD’s Google Calendar system along with a touch panel outside the room. The touch panel quickly allows you to see if the room is reserved by turning red or green if the room is open. You can walk up to the panel and reserve the room if it is unoccupied within the next 12 hours. There are huddle rooms that are only scheduled by the touch panels and are for small short term quick meetings or personal phone calls.

You can see our documentation on all the huddle and conference room spaces in the Iribe Center in our public Wiki.

Our conference rooms have different capabilities based on the size of the room you are using. For launch day we are still working on a number of the capabilities in these rooms and you should be able to plug in your laptop to display to the screen and projector. In the future we will outline and give sessions on how to utilize the different functionalities in our conference rooms.

How do I schedule a room?


Types of rooms


Room Capabilities

Room Type Max Occupants Capabilities