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These rooms will have either a primary coordinator and a backup or two primary coordinators (one from each unit) in case of our signature facilities. It is critical to come up with a procedure on what reservations will be accepted since anyone with a UMD G Suite account can propose a reservation. The touch panels will not accept walk up reservations for these rooms as all reservations need to go through the moderation process.

Room Occupancy Primary Moderator Backup
IRB-1127 12 Danae Johnson Stephanie Peters
IRB-2137 12 Stephanie Peters Danae Johnson
IRB-3137 24 Elizabeth Hontz Danae Johnson
IRB-3256 12 Barbara Lewis Danae Johnson
IRB-4105 48 Stephanie Peters Elizabeth Hontz
IRB-4107 20 Stephanie Peters Elizabeth Hontz
IRB-4109 20 Stephanie Peters Elizabeth Hontz
IRB-4137 12 Janice Perrone Danae Johnson
IRB-4237 12 Elizabeth Hontz Danae Johnson
IRB-5105 24 Stephanie Peters Emily Hartz
IRB-5137 18 Stephanie Peters Emily Hartz
IRB-5165 16 Stephanie Peters Emily Hartz
IRB-5237 12 Dana Purcell Danae Johnson