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These signature rooms have a primary coordinator and a backup moderator (one from each unit). The touch panels will not accept walk up reservations for these rooms as all reservations need to go through the moderation process. You may create a reservation by adding the room in Google Calendar. The moderator will be notified and can approve your request.

Room Occupancy Primary Moderator Backup
IRB-1127 12 Danae Johnson Stephanie Peters
IRB-2137 12 Stephanie Peters Danae Johnson
IRB-3137 24 Elizabeth Hontz Danae Johnson
IRB-3256 12 Barbara Lewis Danae Johnson
IRB-4105 48 Stephanie Peters Elizabeth Hontz
IRB-4107 20 Stephanie Peters Elizabeth Hontz
IRB-4109 20 Stephanie Peters Elizabeth Hontz
IRB-4137 12 Janice Perrone Danae Johnson
IRB-4237 12 Elizabeth Hontz Danae Johnson
IRB-5105 24 Stephanie Peters Emily Hartz
IRB-5137 18 Stephanie Peters Emily Hartz
IRB-5165 16 Stephanie Peters Emily Hartz
IRB-5237 12 Dana Purcell Danae Johnson