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These signature rooms have a primary coordinator and a backup moderator. The touch panels will not allow walk up reservations for these rooms; all reservations need to go through the moderation process. You may create a reservation by adding the room in Google Calendar. The moderator will be notified and can approve your request.

Instructions on reserving a room are here.

Room Name Occupancy Primary Moderator Backup Notes
IRB-1127 None 12 Sharron McElroy Regis Boykin
IRB-2137 Naresh and Nidhi Gupta Conference Room 12 Sharron McElroy Regis Boykin
IRB-3137 None 24 Elizabeth Hontz Danae Johnson
IRB-3256 None 8 Barbara Lewis Danae Johnson
IRB-4105 Feng Peng and Xin Lei Classroom 48 Sharron McElroy Elizabeth Hontz
IRB-4107 Raymond Miller Seminar Room 20 Sharron McElroy Elizabeth Hontz
IRB-4109 None 20 Sharron McElroy Elizabeth Hontz
IRB-4137 None 12 Elizabeth Hontz Danae Johnson
IRB-4237 Adobe Conference Room 12 Janice Perrone Danae Johnson
IRB-5105 None 24 Sharron McElroy Danae Johnson
IRB-5137 Howard Gobioff Conference Room 18 Sharron McElroy Danae Johnson
IRB-5165 None 16 Sharron McElroy Danae Johnson Currently unfurnished
IRB-5237 None 12 Dana Purcell Danae Johnson

Large Seminar Capabilities

3137 and 4105 are the two large seminar rooms.

  • Dual Display (Projector and LCD)
  • Dual camera conferencing via room PC
  • Laptop presentation via HDMI or Mersive Solstice
  • Blu-ray playback, tuner
  • Lectern

Small Seminar and Large Conference Room Capabilities

Every other room on this page has the following setup.

  • Single Display (LCD)
  • Single camera conferencing via room PC
  • Laptop presentation via HDMI or Mersive Solstice

Conference Rooms with Phone Capabilities

Some IRB conference rooms have soft dialing enabled from the Crestron pads.

Below are the list of numbers associated with the conference rooms. To answer a call start the system, select phone, and hit the "dial/answer" button. To dial out, use prefix 91 for external numbers (For campus extensions there is no need for prefix just dial the 5 digit extension).

Room Phone Number
IRB-1127 301-314-9961
IRB-2137 301-314-9963
IRB-4107 301-314-9952
IRB-4109 301-314-9953
IRB-4137 301-314-9968
IRB-4237 301-314-9972
IRB-5105 301-314-9958
IRB-5107 301-314-9974
IRB-5137 301-314-9979
IRB-5161 301-314-9983
IRB-5165 301-314-9959
IRB-5237 301-314-9990