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Java can be obtained in one of two flavors: Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or Java Development Kit (JDK). Unless you do programming in Java, JRE is usually sufficient for running programs and applets written in Java. JRE is also included in JDK so there is no need to install both. There are two main flavors of Java that we have support for Oracle Java and OpenJDK.


The version of Java running can be checked by running the following command on any RHEL/Ubuntu machine. Alternative JDK and JRE options can be found in /usr/lib/jvm.

bash-4.2$ java -version


JRE is installed on all supported workstations by default and auto-updated to the latest version periodically. If for some reason your machine does not have Java, you may send a request to staff to have JRE or JDK installed on your machine.