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JIRA is a request and bug tracker that UMIACS uses to provide our HelpDesk functionality to our users. It can be accessed here.

It is a web based ticketing system that allows both users and staff to maintain greater control over their tickets and makes communication and resolution of issues a seamless process.

Using JIRA

JIRA automatically generates an account when it receives an email. If you have a UMIACS account, you can log in to JIRA with your UMIACS username and UMIACS Kerberos password. Otherwise, when you email JIRA, a ticket is created, and the email address your mail was sent from is added as a participant to the ticket -- this means that if you create a ticket using a non-UMIACS email address, you'll have to login to JIRA using that email address to see the ticket.

Jira login new.png

  • Off site users use their email address and can request a password be emailed to them via this link. (For external users only!)