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OS X (versions 10.3 and 10.4)

If you are printing from OS X please follow these steps:

  • Go to Applications->Utilities
  • Click on:


  • Press the Add icon
    • Choose IP Printer
    • Select 'Line Printer Daemon - LPD' for Protocol
    • Address:
    • Queue: enter the printer name you wish to use (e.g. ps3142)
    • Name: default is, you WILL want to change this or if you add another printer they will both have the same name. Put in the name you want for the printer (e.g. ps3142).
    • Print Using: the default will work most of the time. However, if you wish to use advanced features like duplexing, click the pull-down and choose "Select a driver to use..." This will bring up a list of printer models and a search field. You can then search for and select the appropriate driver for the printer you are adding.
    • click add