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archive4 <br>
archive4 <br>

[[Archive Directory Details|ArchiveDetails]]

==CBCB Opteron Upgrades==
==CBCB Opteron Upgrades==

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UMIACS Help Desk Closed During Spring Break

The UMIACS Help Desk will be closed from Monday the 15th to Thursday 18th along with the rest of the University. We will be opening back up on Friday the 19th.

CBCB File Systems downtime, March 19

the following directories to an attic directory (/fs/szattic-hsarpa1 and /fs/szattic-asmg2 ) on Friday, March 19th at 5pm. The directories will be offline during the move. I will alert ifx@umiacs and this page when the moves are complete. Thanks






CLIP File System Downtime, March 30

March 30



CBCB Opteron Upgrades

the following hosts will be unavailable due to an OS upgrade from RHEL4->RHEL5.

beech and larch: Tuesday, March 9th at 10am -->Complete

sycamore and hemlock: Friday, March 12th at 10am --> Complete

and after spring break --

privet and bayberry: Tuesday, March 23rd at 10am

please note that apart from the nodes being down, the /tmp directories will also be deleted.

Technical Reference

Welcome to UMIACS Wiki. This is the main place to find documentation and information about your account and the technical services that UMIACS offers. If this is your first time please start here Getting Started.

We provide many Core Services which include EMail, Backups and VPN.

We have lots of specific Lab Facilities that you may be interested in.

Please check here if you are interested in Ordering Equipment.