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Power and Services Outage from 9:00 pm on 6/12/2010 to 2am on 6/14/2010

Facilities Management must complete repairs, preventative maintenance, and upgrades on the power feeds and fire safety systems in the UMIACS, CS, and OIT main data centers on 6/13. The south side of AV Williams will be without power from midnight until 8pm.

The outage will disrupt operations in the UMIACS data center, network connectivity for all systems in AV Williams, and power to the x2xx and x1xx wings of AV Williams. Consequently, all technical services in UMIACS will be unavailable during this time. We will begin shutting down our services at 9pm on 6/12. Please note that services from other units including OIT and CSD will also be effected.

We will make every effort to bring core services back online before 2am on 6/14/2010. We hope to have all services back online by the start of the business day on Monday 6/14/2010. Please check for information on the status of systems as we bring them back online.

We regret the disruptive nature of this work but the scope of work necessitates a complete outage of the data center. Please send mail to with any questions or concerns. <endFeed />

Technical Reference

Welcome to UMIACS Wiki. This is the main place to find documentation and information about your account and the technical services that UMIACS offers. If this is your first time please start here Getting Started.

We provide many Core Services which include EMail, Backups and VPN.

We have lots of specific Lab Facilities that you may be interested in.

Please check here if you are interested in Ordering Equipment.