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New Torque/MAUI System on the OpenLAB Cluster

When: Monday, February 14 at 8:30AM

This coming Monday, February 14 we will be installing a new version of the Torque/MAUI service on the OpenLAB cluster. The new version will provide improved stability, fix several bugs, and allow compatibility with future feature enhancements. Logins to, opensub00, and opensub01 will be unaffected. We expect to return the queue to full operation by 9:00 AM.

The upgrade process will stop any running jobs and will empty the queue. All running or queued jobs will need to be re-submitted. Please contact the UMIACS Help Desk at or 301-405-1775 if you have any questions or concerns.

New UNIX Print System

We are pleased to announce the immediately available CUPS print system for our UNIX (rhel/ubuntu) users. Please contact with any issues.

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Technical Reference

Welcome to UMIACS Wiki. This is the main place to find documentation and information about your account and the technical services that UMIACS offers. If this is your first time please start here Getting Started.

We provide many Core Services which include EMail, Backups and VPN.

We have lots of specific Lab Facilities that you may be interested in.

Please check here if you are interested in Ordering Equipment.