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UMIACS staff fully handles malware removal for any UMIACS-supported system you may use. However, depending on the malware that we believe your machine to have been infected with, it is possible that private information may have been collected by a third party over the course of the infection and could still be used to cause further harm to your work or you personally. The longer the malware had time to propagate, the greater the risk is that this is the case. If you are being directed to this page, it is likely the case that we have determined that you are at risk and we highly recommend you change all passwords for applications and websites you have visited while the machine you used was infected with the malware. In addition, if you made any online purchases whilst using an infected machine please be sure to keep a close eye on your credit card transactions for the next several weeks after the machine has been cleansed.

Below are a collection of links for changing passwords on commonly-used websites:

Lastly, please be sure to pay attention to the behavior of the previously infected machine whilst using it. If you notice any additional odd behavior or the behavior that originally tipped us off to the infection reoccurring it may be the case that we did not fully cleanse the system as we had hoped and you should email staff or contact our HelpDesk ASAP so that we can further investigate.