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Mathematica is freely available to all University-owned machines. On our UMIACS-supported Linux hosts, Mathematica is already available in the following locations:

  • RHEL5: /opt/stow/mathematica9/bin/mathematica
  • RHEL6/Ubuntu: /opt/common/mathematica9/bin/mathematica

For UMIACS-supported Windows machines, or other self-supported University-owned equipment, please contact staff.


There is no automated way to activate Mathematica across our domain. As a result, each computer will have to be registered once against our hosted license server. Any user can go through this process, and it should persist until the host is reinstalled.

  • Upon being prompted, click "Other ways to activate" in the bottom row:
    Mathematica 10 Activation Screen 1

  • Click "Connect to a network license server":
    Mathematica 10 Activation Screen 2

  • Enter "" as the license server. Click "Activate":
    Mathematica 10 Activation Screen 3

  • Accept the terms, and click ok:
    Mathematica 10 Activation Screen 4
  • Mathematica should now be activated for that machine.