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UMIACS provides local support for a trusted on premise messaging platform using Mattermost. It supports direct one to one messaging, teams with public and private channels, extensive search capablities and file sharing. This is a web based platform hosted in one of our physical on-premise data centers.

This is integrated into our GitLab authentication system with its MFA requirement. When signing in it will prompt you to use GitLab to login and if you haven't already then log in with the UMIACS Single Single Sign On.

You will be presented with which Teams you would like to join by default and you can select the UMIACS Team. Faculty, Labs and Centers may request a private Team for their research groups, labs or centers by sending an email to

User Documentation

Mattermost maintains extensive documentation about using the service including Teams, Channels and Direct Messages. It supports rich text messaging formatting including using markdown and other simple techniques.


There are a number of desktop and mobile applications that can be downloaded. You will need to enter the URL for our service when using these applications, to sign in and use the service.

Data Retention

Teams will be archived if there is no activity for 6 months within the team channels. User account data will be archived when their UMIACS accounts are archived.