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UMIACS takes a monthly maintenance window to patch and reboot our hosts. This provides a way to ensure security updates are installed and activated on the numerous different platforms and appliances that we maintain.

The window is calculated each month by adding 9 days to Microsoft's Patch Tuesday. This allows us to marshal patches released that month from Microsoft, Red Hat, and our other vendors and have enough time to get our systems prepared to reboot for that months window.

The window is always going to be on a Thursday from 8pm-12am. The following is the list of maintenance windows for 2013. The next window is in bold.

  • January 17th 2013
  • February 21st 2013
  • March 21st 2013
  • April 18th 2013
  • May 23rd 2013
  • June 20th 2013
  • July 18th 2013
  • August 22nd 2013
  • September 19th 2013
  • October 17th 2013
  • November 21st 2013
  • December 19th 2013