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===Web Pages===
===Web Pages===
Your UMIACS web page is online at
Please see [[WebSpace#Personal%20Web%20Space | Personal Web Space]].
You can edit it as
on any supported UNIX system and you can mount it via [[CIFS]] as
This file system has regular backups with our [[TSM]] service and has [[Snapshots]] for easy user restores.
===Personal FTP Sites for Distributing Data===
===Personal FTP Sites for Distributing Data===

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Web Pages

Please see Personal Web Space.

Personal FTP Sites for Distributing Data

Your ftp site is online at


On any supported UNIX workstation, you can access your ftp site as


Windows users can map it as a network drive from


You can also upload files using FTP, SFTP, and SCP through openlab.umiacs.umd.edu.

Please note that anyone with an internet connection can log in and download these files so please to do not use your ftp site to store confidential data.

This file system has regular backups with our TSM service and has Snapshots for easy user restores.

Usage Guidelines

Personal NAS is configured to be highly available and modest in both size and usage. Please store large or heavily accessed data sets in a dedicated project storage directory that is tuned for your application.

Please avoid storing shared project data in personal storage allocations. Separating project data from personal data will simplify administration and data management for both researchers and staff.