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This page outlines the steps required to enable Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) for the Pulse Secure VPN.

Exclamation-point.png UMIACS VPN mandatory multi-factor authentication goes into effect at 8:00am on May 10th, 2019.


Configuring MFA

The Pulse VPN multi-factor authentication implementation relies on a secondary authentication source to fulfill the MFA requirement. As a result, you will be prompted for credentials twice.

  • First credential: UMIACS Username & password
  • Second credential: Your preferred MFA verification option:
Secondary Password Value: Result
push Send a push verification to your Duo connected device
phone Send a call verification to your Duo connected device.
<press YubiKey> If you have a physical token then you would press the YubiKey for the one time password.

Exclamation-point.png Pro-tip: Select ‘Save Settings’ on the secondary authentication prompt to have Duo automatically send you a push.

MFA Push Configuration Example:

  1. Connect with your existing Pulse VPN profile
  2. Enter your UMIACS credentials for the first authentication box and tick "Save settings".
  3. Type `push` into the password field on the second authentication box, tick "Save settings", and then click Connect. You should then receive a push to your mobile device to complete authentication. This will occur every time you connect to the VPN going forward.