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Please note that this tutorial assumes you already have a network connection established. If you have a UMIACS account, you already have access.

The UMIACS VPN is accessible through the Pulse Secure Client.

Connecting through the Pulse Secure client

  1. Download the client:
    Ubuntu 64 bit Pulse Secure Client
    Ubuntu 32 bit Pulse Secure Client
  2. Navigate to the download location in terminal. e.g.: cd ~/Downloads
  3. Install the package with dependencies, providing your password for sudo when requested.
    sudo dpkg -i <insert_filename_here>.deb
  4. You will need to manually install the packages as shown here: sudo apt-get install libnss3-tools net-tools and then proceed with the Install.
  5. Start the client.
  6. and click 'Add' (+) under the connection section.
    Click the 'Add' (+) button to create a new connection.
  7. Enter a name for your VPN connection and the server URL ''
    Enter the name of the VPN server.
  8. Enter your UMIACS credentials and hit connect.
    Enter UMIACS credentials.
  9. When prompted for a secondary password, enter one of three options below (push, phone, or <press YubiKey>). For example, if you wish to push a notification to your device, type the word "push" into the secondary password box.
Second Credential Password Value: Result
push Send a push verification to your Duo connected device
phone Send a call verification to your Duo connected device.
<press YubiKey> If you have a physical token then you would press the YubiKey for the one time password.
Please note that registering a YubiKey for use with the VPN requires interaction with UMIACS Tech Staff. Please contact us if you would like to register a YubiKey for this purpose.
Exclamation-point.png Pro-tip: Select ‘Save Settings’ on the secondary authentication prompt to have Duo automatically use your preferred method.

You should now be connected to the UMIACS VPN. You can close the window and the VPN will remain connected.

Checking VPN Status

  1. Launch the Pulse Client GUI
  2. Select the down arrow to show connection status.