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All accounts in UMIACS and the Nexus are required to be sponsored and can be requested in our Requests application. All accounts in UMIACS are required to be sponsored.


UMIACS and CSD faculty can use the Requests application. When filling out the form under Principal Investigator you should enter the username of the current Director of Computing facilities who sponsors all faculty accounts. This is currently derek

Once you submit the initial form you will be required to verify the email address you have listed as your external contact. Once verified the Director of Computing facilities will approve sponsorship of the account and your account will be installed within 24 business hours.

After receiving an account faculty can let their students know to request an account listing them as the Principal Investigator. Faculty will receive an email to confirm sponsorship through this same application when a student requests and account. Once approved these sponsored accounts would be installed within 24 business hours.

Students / Collaborators

When directed by a faculty member students or collaborators will use the Requests application to request an account. When filling out this form they should list their UMIACS faculty sponsored username under the Principal Investigator field.

All accounts must be sponsored in UMIACS and when a faculty removes sponsorship or leaves, sponsored accounts will be given 30 days to find a new accounts sponsorship. After 30 days without a sponsor the account will be archived and removed.