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The Tron partition is a subset of resources available in the Nexus.


Not all hardware is available yet. The full configuration, when finally received and powered on, will include 62 nodes with a total of 48 A6000, 128 A5000, and 160 A4000 Nvidia GPUs. This computationally provides 2.5 million CUDA cores, 8TB of GPU memory, and more than 70,000 TensorFLOPS of aggregate performance. In addition to the GPUs, this computationally provides 1,344 CPU cores and 10.7TB of main memory across the nodes.

Quantity Type CPUs Memory GPUs Nodes
6 A6000 GPU Node 32 256GB 8 tron[00-05]
16 A5000 GPU Node 32 256GB 8 tron[46-61]
40 A4000 GPU Node 16 128GB 4 tron[06-45]
Total 1,344 10.7 TB 336 tron[00-21]