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UMIACS conducts backups to provide accidental deletion coverage. We aim to provide 90 days of coverage, at one backup per night. However, this coverage may not be perfect, as our backups are very coarse. Depending on the size of the change and size of the file, backups may be periodically missed. Furthermore files that change often may not have all versions backed up to 90 days, and files which were created very recently may not be backed up.

Volumes that are Regularly Backed Up

Windows hosts at UMIACS store user directories on their local drives. Supported, UMIACS-managed hosts are automatically backed up using the Institute's backup system.

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Volumes that are not Regularly Backed Up

By default nodes are not backed up. if you need a node backed up contact please put in a ticket. If it is backed up we typically back up /export and /etc. Laptops and non-standard hosts are not automatically backed up and should be manually backed up by their users.

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