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Submitting/Creating Order within Jira

Important Considerations

  • Verbosity is always preferred to lack of critical details.
  • ORDERS ticket descriptions should contain a list of specific items being ordered unless you're attaching an official quote. No wishlists or links to carts.
  • Always attach supporting documents (like a PDF print-out of a dell e-quote, a vendor-furnished quote, or a screen-shot of a requestor-furnished wishlist or cart.)


  • Create an Issue via the Jira web interface.
    • Change the drop-down Project menu to Orders.
    • Change the drop-down Issue Type menu to Order.

You will be presented with the default ordering screen. Here is a very fictitious example: ORDERS-main-small.png

Please note that Summary, Reporter, Account and PI are mandatory fields:

  • Requester
    • If the order is being requested by CBCB, MC2, or QuICS, prepend the summary with [CBCB], [MC2], or [QuICS] respectively.
  • Summary
    • This should be of the format "Vendor | Brief Description".
    • If the order must be placed today, this will instead be "PRIORITY TODAY | Vendor | Brief Description".
  • Account
    • This should be the account (FRS) to be charged. Please be as specific as possible (e.g., don't say "DRIF", say "UMIACS DRIF", or "CHIB DRIF", etc.)
    • In the event that a single order has multiple accounts, list them all and specify which items are being charged to what accounts (or what percent of an item is being charged to an account) in the description.
  • PI
    • A PI (Principal Adviser) who has approved the purchase on the FRS.
    • In some cases, multiple PIs can charge to a single FRS.
  • Participants
    • In most cases, you want to include all interested parties so that they receive updates, tracking, etc.
    • Jira will not allow you to add a participant without a Jira account. If you need to do this, complete the ticket, wait for the email pertaining to the ticket to arrive in your inbox, and reply to it with any additional participants CC'd.
  • Labels
    • If this is an order that physically needs to go to CBCB, change the label to 'bsb' so that it's easily noticeable for the daily tech.
  • Description
    • Provide a description of what you want to buy or provide it in a comment before you submit your order.
    • When possible, provide a link to the item to be purchased.
    • When purchasing through Amazon or a site that provides fulfillment for third party vendors, please state the specific vendor that is providing the item and at what price. This work to prevent errors caused by ordering from a different vendor when the site auto-updates
    • It's good to be polite with your description. ex - "Hi, please purchase $requestedItems. Here are the links/relevant information: $relevantInformation. Thanks!"