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* <b>Send mail to contactstaff@umiacs.umd.edu</b>
* <b>Send mail to staff@umiacs.umd.edu</b>
** Please CC the PI.
** Please CC the PI.
* <b>Body of email</b>
* <b>Body of email</b>

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Requesting Orders Tickets

Important Considerations

  • Verbosity is always preferred to lack of critical details.
  • Ticket descriptions should contain a list of specific items being ordered (provide direct links) unless you're attaching an official quote. No wishlists or links to carts.
  • If it requires priority shipping, please include that in the subject of the email.


  • Send mail to staff@umiacs.umd.edu
    • Please CC the PI.
  • Body of email
    • Specify the account to charge.
    • Specify the items using links or attached quotes and specify the amount of each item.
      • If ordering from numerous vendors:
        • Separate each one in the body of the email.
        • Specify if you want priority shipping per vendor.

When Staff Receives the Ticket

  • As long as the PI is CC'd, we will go ahead and process the order.
  • You should receive a reply stating an Orders ticket has been created.
  • You will receive an email to pick up the order when it arrives.