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Requesting Orders Tickets

Important Considerations

  • Verbosity is always preferred to lack of critical details.
  • Ticket descriptions should contain a list of specific items being ordered (provide direct links) unless you're attaching an official quote. No wishlists or links to carts.
  • If it requires priority shipping, please include that in the subject of the email.

Send email to staff

Before proceeding: If the account you plan on charging is owned by the Computer Science Department, please consult their FAQ for ordering the equipment you want.

Otherwise, if the account you plan on charging is owned by UMIACS: send mail to orders@umiacs.umd.edu.

  • Please CC the PI for the KFS account you want to charge.
  • In the body of your email:
    • Specify the KFS account to charge.
    • Specify the items using links or attached quotes and specify the amount of each item.
      • If ordering from numerous vendors:
        • Separate each one in the body of the email.
        • Specify if you want priority shipping per vendor.

When Staff Receives the Ticket

  • As long as the PI is CC'd and all needed information is present, we will go ahead and process the order.
  • You will receive an email to pick up the order when it arrives.