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Printer Queues

UMIACS uses a centralized print server to manage all of the printers in the Institute. See [Printing] for more details specific to your OS. We have developed a naming scheme for our printer queues based on the colors the printer can produce, the type of queue, and the room number.

The naming scheme is as follows:

  • All color printers begin with a "c". Black & white is the default so nothing extra is needed.
  • Then is either "ps" for a postscript queue or "pcl" for a PCL queue. Postscript and PCL are types of printer drivers. If you are unsure what this means, use "ps" for postscript.
  • Then add the room number. All printers in the Bio Sciences Building also add the building number. E.g., room 3120H in BSB is "296-3120H" while room 3142 in AV Williams is "3142".


Some examples:

  • cps3142 is a color printer in AV Williams 3142.
  • ps3142 is a black & white printer in AV Williams 3142.
  • pcl3142 is a black & white printer in AV Williams 3142 but uses a PCL driver.
  • cps296-3120H is a color printer in BSB.