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R installation instructions for Windows

Basic Installation

  1. To retrieve the latest version of R from here: http://cran.r-project.org/
  2. Select "Download R for Windows" from the top of the screen
  3. Then click "Install R for the first time" on the first line
  4. This will take you to a download page, click "Download R<version number> for Windows" to begin the installation
  5. Navigate to the directory you downloaded the installer to.
  6. Run the .exe and step through the installer.

R Install 1.PNG

  • Note: There will be a warning when you start the installer that says the full installation requires administrative privileges, disregard this message.

R Install 2.PNG

  • Accept the License Agreement and continue.

R Install 3.PNG

  • When prompted, choose an installation folder wherever you would like it within your home directory.

R Install 4.PNG

  • Select the components that you wish to install, the defaults for this is fine.

R Install 5.PNG

  • If you wish to customize the options for the startup environment then click Yes when prompted. If you are unsure what these are select "No", the defaults can be altered later.

R Install 6.PNG

For customized options see the section below

  • Name the folder that will appear in the start menu, the default "R" is acceptable for this.

R Install 10.PNG

  • Finalize your installation options and hit Next to begin the installation.

R Install 11.PNG

  • After stepping through the dialog R will install itself to the folder you specified.

  • Finish and close the setup. R is now installed locally on your account.

R Install 12.PNG

Customized Startup Environment

  • From the customized startup environment options prompt, if you wish to go through the customized startup environment dialog select "Yes" here. Any of these options can be altered at a later time after installation if you decide you have a change in preference.

R Install 6.PNG

  • The first prompt will determine which interface you wish to use. MDI (one main window for all R programs) or SDI (separate windows for each R program) If you have a preference, select which option you prefer.

R Install 7.PNG

  • Next, determine how you wish the help format to be displayed. You can choose from either plain text format or HTML formatted.

R Install 8.PNG

  • Finally, determine how you would like R to handle the proxy settings in Internet Explorer, whether you would like to use the standard settings or make use of internet2.dll.

R Install 9.PNG

  • That concludes the startup environment customization options for R. The following steps are the same as the above.

Opening R scripts with RScript

Users can open a file with R to a command terminal window via RScript. From within the \bin\x64 folder at the location that you installed R to you can run:

RScript path\to\file\test.R