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SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is a network protocol used to securely transfer and manage files on remote systems. SFTP is layered on top of the SSH protocol, and is preferred over FTP as a method of remote file transfer.

Warning: running interactive programs in your shell initialization files, such as starting another shell, causes SFTP to fail. See Shell on how to correctly change the shell you are using

Connecting to an SFTP Server

Under Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu Linux, and macOS, the following command from a terminal will connect a client computer to a remote host.

sftp bkirz@$

Replace $HOSTNAME with the name of the host you are trying to connect.

For UMIACS supported Windows hosts, a SFTP client is already installed. For other hosts, you can download and install winSCP, which will enable SSH and SFTP access.

Further Information

More information about SFTP can be found at