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Secure Shell (or SSH) is a network protocol allowing two computers to exchange data securely over an insecure network. By default use of SSH brings the user to a terminal, but the protocol can be used for other types of data transfer such as SFTP and SCP.

Connecting to an SSH Server

Under RedHat Linux 3, 4, and 5, and Mac OS X, the following command from a terminal will connect a client computer to the UMIACS OpenLab.

wing:~ Ben$ ssh

This will give you access to a terminal on any one of the OpenLab servers. Note that by default you will not have access to applications that require X11 to run.

On Windows XP or Vista hosts there are no SFTP clients installed by default. Users can install PuTTY, which will enable SSH and SFTP access.

Alternatively, users can use the UMIACS Intranet SFTP Web Applet located here without installing any additional software.