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Types of Accounts

A UMIACS Account is a collection of distinct account credentials, associated with a unique user, that provide access to various UMIACS systems and related resources.

When a UMIACS Account is first created, three sets of credentials (Windows, UNIX, and Jira) are configured based on the username and password requested via the UMIACS Account Request (new users: see GettingStarted.) With the exception of Jira, which requires a full email address, the username is identical for all credentials tied to a UMIACS account.


Your Windows (aka "Active Directory") account authenticates against our Active Directory domain and is set when you first create your UMIACS account.
It controls access for the following resources:


Your UNIX (aka "Kerberos") account authenticates against our Kerberos realm and is set when you first create your UMIACS account.
It controls access for the following resources:


Your Jira username is your UMIACS username. By default, the Jira account associated with your @umiacs email address authenticates against the Kerberos realm. However it is possible to set a separate password for this account. If you change your password through the Jira web interface it will create a new, separate password, and no longer authenticate against the Kerberos realm. Changing your Jira password DOES NOT change any other UMIACS passwords.
Please note that Jira creates a new account for each new email address it sees (including non-UMIACS addresses like @gmail or addresses.) This occasionally causes some confusion for new users. Please see the Jira page for further details.

Changing your password

Approved Methods

There are currently two ways to change your UMIACS passwords:

  • Via the web interface tool on the UMIACS Intranet at:
If you plan on stopping by the UMIACS Helpdesk, please make sure to bring photo ID

Password Requirements

  1. Must be atleast 8 characters in length
  2. Must have alteast 3 of the following character classes: lower-case letters, upper-case letters, numbers, punctuation, special characters
  3. Cannot be the same as any of your previous 5 passwords
  4. Cannot contain a string that is part of your username

Off-site or out-of-state users

UMIACS Staff requires positive identification before we'll honor a request to change a password. In the event that you are unable to change your password via the methods above, send an email to detailing your situation. Typically, we'll ask you to get in touch with your PI/advisor, as they should be able to identify you. They will work with staff to reset your password on your behalf, and then communicate it to you in a secure manner.

Forgotten Passwords

If you have forgotten your UMIACS password, you will need to stop by the UMIACS Help Desk or follow the Off-site instructions above.