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This is a set of console utilities that are available on all UMIACS supported machines. They are provided to support our Ceph Object Stores so our users may interact with them on the command line. In addition each Ceph Object Store in UMIACS has fully functional web application that allows access to your storage from any web browser.

For UMIACS support machines these utilities are installed at /opt/UMobj/bin however they should already be available in your path.


To use any of these utilities you either have to pass in on the command line your access and secret keys or you need to set some appropriate environmental variables. You can obtain your access and secret keys (which are different from your username and password) by visiting the appropriate Ceph Object Store. The default store is

In that page will be your access and secret keys for that Ceph Object Store. You can then set for example in bash the following environment variables.

  export OBJ_ACCESS_KEY_ID="31sdfadDFAHFDN+344qOEIS"

If you are not using the default Ceph Object Store you can tell the utilities to use an alternative server.

  export OBJ_SERVER=""


To list the object store you can use the lsobj command.