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==Remote Storage==
#REDIRECT [[LocalDataStorage#UNIX_Remote_Storage]]
We provide storage to each of our users in our UNIX offerings through the [[OpenLAB]] [[NFShomes]].
This home directory,
is backed up nightly into our [[TSM]] backup system.  If you with to have files restored pleased follow these [[TSMRestore|instructions]].
Users are given a 1 gigabyte [[Quota]].
==Local Storage==
==Transitory Storage==
All UNIX machines have local storage available for transitory use.  These directories may be used to store temporary, local '''''COPIES''''' of data that is permanently stored elsewhere or as a staging point for output.
These directories may not, '''''under any circumstances''''', be used as permanent storage for unique, important data.  UMIACS staff cannot recover damaged or deleted data from these directories and will not be responsible for data loss if they are misused.
Please note that '''/tmp''' in particular is at risk for data loss or corruption as that directory is regularly used by system processes and services for temporary storage.
These directories include:
  - /tmp
  - /scratch0, /scratch1, /scratch*
  - any directory named in whole or in part "tmp", "temp", or "scratch".

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