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Draft UMIACS Policy

UMIACS supports University owned laptops subject to hardware requirements with either Windows 7 or Windows 8. All users maintain administrator permissions on their mobile equipment for installs on the road. There are two basic options for your laptop's installation:

Support Options

Fully Managed

Your laptop will have our standard licensed software installation along with:

Dual booting is not supported in this environment and you will be contacted to remedy your laptop if updates and backups go out of date. Some university projects or data access policies may require this option.

Basic Starter Install with Options

We will do a clean installation of your laptop with all licensed software and antivirus, and you will have the option to opt in to services of:

Once the intitial installation is complete the user is responsible to maintaining their equipment and securing their data, and have the option to use our services to accomplish that. Subsequent repairs and maintenance may be subject to a reinstallation of the system.

Self Supported Laptop

We can provide you with access to university licenses for operating systems and applications, and provide access to mobile backups. The user is responsible for all installations and updates to their platform.

Hardware Requirements

UMIACS primary platforms for Windows are Dell and Lenovo with a 3 year minimum warranty on all institute purchases. Support for other hardware platforms would need an in-person evaluation and requires the manufacturer to provide:

  • 3 years OEM support to purchase
  • Comprehensive diagnostic tools from website
  • Drivers for our supported Windows versions

Equipment Purchasing

Contact staff anytime by email to to inquire about purchasing equipment on university funds, and we will work with you to find the best fitting size and capabilities for your requirements. Once a specification and quote have been agreed to we can purchase on your FRS (subject to PI approval where necessary). To browse options for purchasing, we recommend the following:

  • Dell - You can login with your university directory credentials to see university discounts.
  • Lenovo - For accurate estimates on pricing send us your desired options, we purchase through a reseller who adds educational discounts.

Sorry, stealing part of your page to draft a proposal out.....

UMIACS Windows Laptop Support

In order to meet the demanding requirements of mobile computing best practices and security policies, UMIACS provides a range of supported laptop options.

Base Requirements

In order to qualify for UMIACS Laptop support, the hardware must meet the following requirements:

  • University Owned Hardware.
  • Non-consumer model from a tier one vendor (Dell, Levono)
  • 3 years OEM warranty/support
  • Readily available Manufacture diagnostic tools
  • Readily available hardware drivers

Other hardware platforms my be considered on a case-by-case basis, subject to staff evaluation.

Support Levels

UMIACS Enterprise Laptop Support

The UMIACS Enterprise laptop support provides a secure and controlled computing platform with automatic backups and security updates. This option is ideal for those dealing with sensitive data, or those who want a worry-free experience.

  • What we provide:
  • Operating System Installation
  • University Licensed Software
  • Security Updates
  • Data Backups
  • Data Protection (Bitlocker)
  • Hardware diagnostics and support
  • What's left for you:

UMIACS Base Laptop Support

The UMIACS base laptop support serves as a primer for a development laptop. Staff will install an Enterprise version of Microsoft Windows, as well as a range of software suites including F-secure, Microsoft, Adobe, and Matlab. You are then responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the Operating System and any data stored on the computer.

  • What we provide:
  • Operating System Installation
  • University Licensed Software
  • Hardware diagnostics and support
  • What's left for you:
  • Date Backups
  • Security Updates

UMIACS Hardware Support

The UMIACS hardware support provides basic hardware diagnostics and warranty repairs, while allowing the user to have full control over the software and data stored on their laptop.

  • What we provide:
  • Hardware diagnostics and support
  • What's left for you:
  • Everything else.