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UMIACS Windows Laptop Support

In order to meet the demanding requirements of mobile computing best practices and security policies, UMIACS provides a range of supported laptop options for devices that will run a Windows operating system. In order to qualify for UMIACS support the laptop must meet the following Base Requirements.

Hardware Base Requirements

In order to qualify for UMIACS laptop support of any level, the hardware must meet the following requirements:

  • University Owned Hardware
  • Business or professional model line from a tier one vendor (e.g. Dell, HP, Microsoft)
  • 3 years OEM warranty/support (i.e. no refurbished equipment)
  • Readily available manufacturer diagnostic tools
  • Readily available hardware drivers

Other hardware platforms may be considered on a case-by-case basis, subject to staff evaluation.

Support Levels

Note 1: Dual-boot laptops are only eligible for UMIACS Hardware Support. If you later attempt to dual-boot a system that UMIACS staff has set up for you with either Enterprise or Base level support, we cannot offer any help if you run into issues with the dual-booting process or either operating system afterwards.

Note 2: Windows 11 is not eligible for anything other than UMIACS Hardware Support at this time.

UMIACS Enterprise Laptop Support

UMIACS Enterprise laptop support provides a secure computing platform with automated backups and security updates. Staff will install an Enterprise version of Microsoft Windows, as well as a range of software suites including F-Secure Client Security, Ivanti Security Scan, Microsoft Office, and MATLAB. We will also encrypt the hard drive using BitLocker. This option is ideal for those dealing with sensitive data, or those who want a worry-free experience. Staff will check in with you if we notice extended periods of update inactivity.

  • What we provide:

UMIACS Base Laptop Support

UMIACS Base laptop support serves as a primer for a development laptop. Staff will install an Enterprise version of Microsoft Windows, as well as a range of software suites including F-Secure Client Security, Microsoft Office, and MATLAB. You are then responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the Operating System and any data stored on the computer.

  • What we provide:
  • Operating System installation with university licensed software pre-installed
  • Hardware diagnostics and support
  • Data archival upon return of the device to us
  • What's left for you:

UMIACS Hardware Support

The UMIACS Hardware Support provides basic hardware diagnostics and warranty repairs, while allowing you to have full control over the software and data stored on their laptop.

  • What we provide:
  • Hardware diagnostics and support
  • What's left for you:
  • Everything else. If the hardware is University-owned, you can install institutional copies of software such as the Windows OS itself and other common applications like Microsoft Office on it from Terpware. If you do not have access to Terpware, please contact the HelpDesk.