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#REDIRECT [[WindowsPrinting]]
This will guide you through the process of installing and using the printers available within UMIACS.
==Printing away from UMIACS / Laptop Printing==
In order to print from outside the UMIACS network, you must first connect to the [[VPN]] for [[Windows7VPN|Windows]] or for [[MacOSXVPN|Mac]]. After you are connected, follow the instructions for adding a printer queue below. Please note that you must be on the VPN whenever your print.
==Pre-Installation Knowledge on Printing at UMIACS==
[[PrinterQueueNaming| Printer Queue Naming]]
==Installation of printer queue==
Please note that this applies to machines on any UMIACS network. This includes all proxy networks, the vast majority of machines in the labs, and machines connected to the UMIACS VPN but not the wireless network alone.
To add printer queues:
Go to start, click and type in “\\printers.pc.umiacs.umd.edu” in the search box.
[[Image:Win7doc1.jpg]] [[Image:Win7doc2.jpg]]
'''If you are on the VPN''', you may be prompted with a box for authentication.  Make sure to use your Windows Domain credentials, with 'pc\' prefixed to your username.  (For example, if your username was 'johndoe' you would enter 'pc\johndoe' in the username box)
[[Image:UMIACS Printing.jpg]]
A list of printer queues will appear. Select your desired printer by double clicking on the queue. Once you have double clicked on the queue a box will immediately pop up to show you the status of the printer driver installation. Once that is complete you can start using the printer.
==Duplex Printing==
Many printers in UMIACS support duplex (2 sided) printing. To make the duplex printing default, first make sure the appropriate printer queue is installed via the directions above. Afterwards, go to start, then “Devices and Printers.”
Once the printer has been installed proceed by right clicking on the queue then selecting “Printing preferences.”
After a few seconds the following menu will come up. Make sure you are on the “Printing Shortcuts” tab and select the “Eco-Print (Two-sided Printing)” option then click on okay. This modification will allow you to print 2-sided whenever you choose to use this printer.

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