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Introduction This will guide you through the process of installing and using the printers here at UMIACS. Printing away from UMIACS In order to print from outside the UMIACS network, you must first connect to the VPN for windows or for mac. After you are connected, follow the instructions for adding a printer queue below. Please note that you must be on the VPN whenever you print. Pre installation knowledge on Printing at UMIACS The queues are named based on their room number, and appended with an '296-' if they are in the bioinformatics building. The presence of an nb suffix means that it will not print a banner page containing user name of the person who submitted the print job before printing it out. The name should be similar to the one we just deleted, since we are simply re-adding it. Printers beginning with an optional 'c' indicate that the printer is a color printer. The 'ps' or 'pcl' label that comes before the room number indicates the drivers that the queue will be installed with. Both should work equally well. However, if you are having trouble printing out of a ps queue, please try installing the pcl one.

Installation of printer queue Please note that this applies to machines on any UMIACS network. This includes all proxy networks and the vast majority of machines in the labs but not the wireless network. To add the printer queues: Go to start click and type in “\\” in the search box.