Windows Account Migration March 2018

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When: Saturday, March 24th 2018 from 8am-11:59pm


UMIACS staff will be migrating all UMIACS user Windows accounts to a new domain to prepare for simplified password management. This migration will kickoff this process by moving from our existing Windows Active Directory domain ( to a new one ( After this migration we will be starting a one month migration to consolidate from our UNIX Kerberos5 domain.

No files or emails will be lost as part of this migration.​

Actions you need to take

  • Log off your Windows workstation (if you have one) prior to 8am on Saturday, March 24th, otherwise you will be forcibly logged out at this time.

Service impact

  • Your password will not change.
  • Authentication to the Pulse Secure VPN will not be available.
  • Windows workstations will be unavailable to log into during this time.
  • Exchange email access will be interrupted during this time. Email will be delivered however will not be accessible from phones, Outlook, or Outlook Web Access.

After the migration has completed