Windows Account Migration March 2018

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When: Saturday, March 24th 2018 from 8am-11:59pm


Currently UMIACS provides two user authentication stores, our Linux/UNIX Kerberos5 realm and Windows Active Directory (PC). To simplify our user experience we will consolidating authentication into a single Active Directory domain (UMIACS).

UMIACS staff will need to migrate all UMIACS user Windows accounts to a new domain to prepare for a single password for users in UMIACS. This migration step will kickoff this process by moving from our existing Windows Active Directory domain (PC\username) to a new one (UMIACS\username). After this migration we will be starting a one month migration to consolidate from our UNIX Kerberos5 domain.

No files or emails will be lost as part of this migration.​

Actions you need to take

  • Log off your Windows workstation (if you have one) prior to 8am on Saturday, March 24th, otherwise you will be forcibly logged out at this time.

Service impact during this Migration

  • Your password will not change.
  • Authentication to the Pulse Secure VPN will not be available during this migration window. Existing sessions will not be terminated.
  • Windows workstations will be unavailable to log into during this time.
  • Exchange email access will be interrupted during this time. Email will be delivered however will not be accessible from phones, Outlook, or Outlook Web Access.

After the migration has completed