Culex pipiens mitochondrion

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Data Sources

See: Culex_pipiens_symbiont#Data Sources

 Name             Len    GC%
 culex5c05.p1k    15587  21.81            low GC%; best hit is  Anopheles gambiae complete mitochondrial genome : 15363 bp (96% coverage, 86% max id)




Circularized molecule

The contig has been circularized and rotated so that base 1 aligns to Anopheles gambiae complete mitochondrial genome (MSQMTCG) origin.

 #/fs/szasmg2/Culex_pipiens_mito/cpqg_mito.contig (182 reads)
 #/fs/szasmg2/Culex_pipiens_mito/cpqg_mito.fasta  (15585 bp  21.83 GC%)
 $ buildAssemblyArchive cpqg.coninfo --prompt --subname umd-20081023-164200

Best megablast alignment:

 EU352212 Aedes aegypti mitochondrion, complete genome Length=16655
 Score = 1.790e+04 bits (9692),  Expect = 0.0
 Identities = 13278/14965 (88%), Gaps = 424/14965 (2%)

NCBI WGS submission


NCBI AA submission

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