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09/22/08 (Pop lab)

  • Stem cell lines
  • Origin or replication
  • GC skew non symmetric in mis-assembled genomes
  • GFP genes
  • CRispers -short (30bp) palindromic repeats; Koonin paper (Biology direct)
  • CRispers - JGI paper
  • CA VAR paper
  • new consensus program
  • optical maps for Yersinia genomes

09/30/09 (BRYAN WHITE; University of Illinois)

  • Adventures in metagenomics of the gastrointestinal microbiome of food animals
  • Metagenomics uses 16S rRNA: 1600bp long (eukariotes use 28S rRNA)
  • New Koc=h's postulate
  • OTU: Operational Taxonomic Unit (97% identity)
  • commensal definition
  • core/variable microbiome
  • rumen project
  • metagenomics.nmpdr.org
  • Carl Woese