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The Year One goal of the Financial Entity Identification and Information Integration 
(FEIII) Challenge was to develop technologies to automatically align diverse financial 
entity identification schemes and identifiers. This will be an important first step in 
developing a reference financial entity identifier knowledge base linking heterogeneous 
collections of financial entity identifiers.  Such a (Linked Data) knowledge base will 
help to overcome a fundamental roadblock to successful information integration, i.e., 
the resolution of mentions or references to the same financial entity across the 
financial landscape of financial contract prospectus, regulatory filings, transactional 
records, news articles, social media, etc.
Details (data, tasks, etc.) of the FEIII Year One Challenge.
The Report from the Organizers will be presented at the DSMM 2016 Workshop.
The FEIII Challenge is co-sponsored by the Office of Financial Research (OFR) and
the National Institutes of Standards and Technologt (NIST) and the 
University of Maryland.