Computational Linguistics and Information Processing

DSfin will apply text extraction, named entity resolution, and NLP methods, combined with taxonomies and ontologies, to create financial Open Knowledge Networks (DSfin OKN). This project will build upon existing collaborations with IBM Watson using the System T platform.

Know Your Entity (KYE) is a task that occurs across multiple domains. For the financial domain, it revolves around financial entities. The goal is to develop an open knowledge network (OKN) to obtain business intelligence relevant to some industry sector. While there is knowledge specific to each industry sector (defined by SIC or NAICS codes), DSfin will create rich industry specific collections.

DSfin will explore all ownership, subsidiary, affiliate and partner relationships for some ego (central) financial entity, e.g., Bank of America in the figure. This will then be extended to all known relationships (financial, contractual, operational, legal, etc.) among pairs or groups of financial entities, e.g., Bank of America and Wells Fargo.

More information:

  • FEIII Challenge: [1]
  • DSMM Workshop with ACM SIGMOD: [2]
  • Multi-agency OKN Workshop: [3][4]