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  • Semantics based community detection in biological datasets PI: Louiqa Raschid. SemEP[3] [4][5]
  • Computational Modeling to Identify Symptom Changes in Schizophrenia and Depression PI: Philip Resnik. Schiz
  • Assessment of Suicidality in Social Media Interaction PI: Philip Resnik and Hal Daume III. Suicide
  • Expert Sourcing PI: Philip Resnik. Expert
  • Identifying Humanitarian Assistance Needs in Low Resource Languages PI: Philip Resnik and Jordan Boyd-Graber. HumAssist
  • Understanding Human Behavior and Resilience during Shocks in Smart and Connected Communities PI: Frias-Martinez. DisasterAnalytics
  • Crowdsourcing Urban Bicycle Level of Service Measures PI: Frias-Martinez. CyclingSafety